South Park: The Fractured But Whole Mr. Adams’ Headshots Guide – All Eight Locations

South Park is back in gamers’ hands with an excellent new game that once again recreates the look and feel of the show while letting players control their own character in this irreverent world. For more on what we thought of this new game, check out our Fractured But Whole review. Mr. Adams’ Headshots are a kind of collectible, except instead of collecting them, you’ll be posting the headshots to eight locations around South Park. Our South Park The Fractured But Whole Mr. Adam’s Headshots guide will walk you through finding every headshot location.

There are eight total headshots to post.

Some headshots may require buddy powers to reach, so if you don’t have the required ability, return at a later time.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Headshots Location Guide

First visit Mr. Adams in the police station to get this mission. I first learned about it by looking at the headshot on the ground in the alley on main street. I’m not sure if that’s a requirement or not.

Mr. Adam’s is located through the second door on the back wall of the main police station area, and then inside the door marked “Soft Room.” He will give you eight headshots of himself that you need to post around South Park. Here is where each one goes.

Police Station – Wanted posters underneath the check in desk.

Outside of City Hall – On the bulletin board.

Inside Tweek Bros. Coffee – Bulletin board underneath cashier counter.

Jimbo’s Guns – Wanted poster bulletin board on the left side.

Peppermint Hippo – Lobby, on the Wall of Fame.

Inside the School – Main entrance, second floor. Must be able to Fartkour up there using Human Kite.

Stark’s Pond North – On the bulletin board on the left side.

Community Center – On the bulletin board behind the podium.

Return to Mr. Adams at the police station for your reward.

Did our Mr. Adams’ headshots locations guide help you to collect them all?