NBA Live 18 Update 1.05 Tweaks Gameplay, Adds Features

A new NBA Live 18 update is now available for console players. The new patch brings some gameplay tweaks as shot contests and off-dribble shooting have been tuned. It also adds some new features, like a new pre-game lobby in The League mode.

Check out the complete NBA Live 18 update 1.05 patch notes below:


  • Tuned Slider impact for shot contest
  • Tuned Slider impact for off-dribble shooting
  • Restricted some on-the-run Dribble Moves for lower skilled players

The League

  • Added new pre-game lobby in the League
  • Goals are now available in Pause Menu in the League
  • Fixed exploit where you could complete goals and gain stats when simming games in the League
  • New First Take videos are now seen in the League near the All-Star game and Playoffs
  • Updated signings and draft pick trades to match the NBA.
  • Tuned Playoff simulation
  • Adjusted wording of various goals.


  • Updated Commentary
  • Fixed commentary for overtime games
  • Minor bug fixes

General stability improvements

For more on Electronic Arts’ basketball title, and how it’s a return to form for the series, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s NBA Live 18 review. Here’s a brief snippet of what I had to say about the release:

There’s no denying that there are rough edges, but one thing Electronic Arts has nailed is the feel of playing a pick-up game. It’s a slightly less technical title than its competitor, but it offers up a far better single-player experience. If you’re looking for something fresh, or just want to play as Diana Taurasi, then you can’t go wrong with picking up NBA Live 18.

NBA Live 18 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Source: Electronic Arts forum]