Sony Introduces New Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4


Today over at the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced a brand new controller from Hori. The officially licensed controller is called the Mini Wired Gamepad, and is for the PlayStation 4. According to the company, the new controller is designed with younger gamers in mind, and is a great fit for cooperative gaming sessions.

The controller, which opts for a hard-wired design over the wireless function of the DualShock 4, is 40% smaller than the DualShock 4 and features a more flat design in order to fit into smaller hands. The controller also features a much cheaper price point than the DualShock 4, clocking in at only $29.99. While the tinier gamepad doesn’t offer a large touchpad like the DualShock 4 does, Sony says that certain touch pad inputs can be simulated with the left and right sticks of the gamepad. The purpose of the controller, according to Sony, is to act as a good purchase for people to pick up for companion play.

For more information on the gamepad, you’ll want to check out the official announcement over at the PlayStation Blog, and make sure to check out the full description of the controller:

The wired controller includes a 10ft cable, making for an easy plug-and-play experience. While this controller does not include some features of DualShock 4, including a touch pad, light bar, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration, or motion sensing, it comes at a great value and helps open gaming to the whole family.

The blue PlayStation 4 Mini Wired Gamepad from Hori launches across U.S. and Canada this holiday season for $29.99.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]