Roundabout Vita

Roundabout Still Coming to PlayStation Vita, Dev Explains “Slow” Development

Roundabout, No Goblin’s FMV-filled action game about a rotating limousine, is still coming to PlayStation Vita. The developer confirmed as much on Twitter today. Development is “slow going,” explained No Goblin Founder Dan Teasdale. It appears the issue is due to “some middleware stuff,” and Teasdale stated that he hopes to have “more news soon.”

Here’s his full reply when asked about the status of the Roundabout Vita port by The Cutting Room Floor‘s Ehm (who, on a side note, does some fantastic work sifting through game files and making awesome gaming discoveries):

Most recently, No Goblin released 100ft Robot Golf for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. To learn more about the goofy golfing game, and if you should purchase it, check out my 100ft Robot Golf review. Here’s an excerpt from it:

The game also features an awesome cast of characters ranging from a duo inspired by Eureka Seven to a team of Corgis that essentially operates as the Power Rangers. There are also some fun crossover characters that don’t really pop up in the story, including Roundabout‘s Jeffrey and Pierce from Saints Row. Every team of characters has their own input method for actually hitting the ball, and this is another area where 100ft Robot Golf feels fresh. Some golfers use the right and left triggers to set their power, while others use more traditional meters to do so. On top of this, each character also has a special move (such as an attack or a dash) and a special ability that impacts the ball (such as making it bouncy). All of this makes for a rewarding experience.

Roundabout is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The indie studio is currently working an unannounced third project, and will be holding a charity stream (which is sure to be a blast judging by past years) as part of Extra Life 2017 on November 4.

[Source: Twitter]