Chaos;Child is Now Available, Watch the Launch Trailer

Visual novel Chaos;Child is releasing today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, and PCube doesn’t want you to forget about this game during a busy release period! Chaos;Child is part of the same series as Steins;Gate, so this is worth looking into if you enjoyed that title! Chaos;Child is available both physically and digitally.

Here is the launch trailer:

We at PlayStation LifeStyle certainly haven’t forgotten about this visual novel! We have a really intensive guide for Chaos;Child, including being able to get all of the endings and Platinum the game! Make sure to use it if you get stuck.

Also, make sure to check out the Chaos;Child review:

To say that Chaos;Child has a strong start is an understatement. After setting the game’s world up (it takes place in Shibuya six years after a tragic earthquake had hit), it shows a familiar sight of a livestreamer trying to keep his audience’s attention. Everything seemed very grounded in reality until I saw the dude cut off his own arm without any sense of pain, and then start eating it much to the horror of his audience. That was when I knew I wasn’t in for a typical visual novel.

After watching another unfortunate person die in a mysterious way, the game introduces its main cast of characters: a bunch of high schoolers that are a part of their school’s newspaper. Despite the murders happening relatively close to them, they’re naturally fascinated by them. After all, it’s a gigantic mystery for them to chase in their own city, and the chance of a lifetime for an aspiring journalist. They start trying to track down these murders, and it’s all fun until things wind up hitting too close to home.

Chaos;Child is now available on PlayStation 4 and Vita.