Latest Friday the 13th: The Game Update Changes Tommy Jarvis and More

A new update is out today for Friday the 13th: The Game, and it includes a ton of changes to the game in order to make it a more smooth experience for players. Besides the patch notes, Illfonic has also updated Tommy Jarvis and made him more of a hero.

In addition to the more minor fixes (which can be seen below), the game has added five new environmental kills to Jason’s arsenal. These kills will be available on any map and can be used by all variants of Jason. The full list of new environmental kills can be viewed below:

Stove Top

Boom Box

Kitchen Knife (Throat Slit)

Kitchen Knife (Stab)

Screw Driver

For a brief rundown of the patch notes, check out below, and for the full list head over to the forum post on the update:

  • General
    • Players are no longer able to find duplicate Tapes
      • Applies to both the Pamela Tapes and the Jarvis Tapes
    • Fixed a bug that caused Medical Sprays to sometimes show the incorrect number of remaining uses
    • Fixed a bug where – if Jason destroys the fuse box powering the Radio, it could cause the “Use the Radio to call Tommy Jarvis” objective to be incorrectly displayed as “Complete”
    • Force Feedback on controllers added to various actions that were previously missing it
  • Perks
    • Sucker Punch now correctly increases Melee Stun Chance
    • Fixed a bug with the Sneaky perk that was causing some players to experience camera and collision issues
    • Perks that have been updated in a patch no longer need to be re-equipped for “activation”
  • Counselors
    • Fixed a bug causing blood splatter to not appear correctly on Counselors executed with a Cinematic Kill
    • Fixed a bug causing Counselors to sometimes “hang” in the air when executed with an Environmental Kill
  • Jason
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Jason to block and attack at the same time
    • Fixed a bug that caused Jason to do extra damage to doors and walls
    • Fixed a bug that caused Jason’s grab animation to sometimes not trigger when grabbing a Counselor out of a car
    • Players are no longer able to access the Jason (Part 4) kills that they have not yet unlocked
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Jason to become interaction locked after attacking a hiding Counselor that quits at the same time
    • Added a minimum required distance between Jason traps to prevent players from being able to multi-trap objectives and chain stun Counselors
    • Fixed a bug that caused Jason Part (2/6/9) to have slightly higher HP than intended
    • Fixed some issues that were caused by Jason walking across the Police Line while holding a Counselor

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now.