New Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer is Almost Five Minutes of Visuals

Atlus has a new trailer for Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown Pro, the remaster of the Action RPG Dragon’s Crown. This new trailer is almost five minutes long, but while it is in Japanese, there is plenty to see even if you don’t understand the language. Dragon’s Crown Pro will release February 8, 2018 in Japan on PlayStation 4.

Here’s the new trailer:

It appears that Dragon’s Crown Pro players can play with players on Vita and PlayStation 3. That’s great for those that have already purchased the game!

We still don’t have much in terms of written English information on Dragon’s Crown Pro, but in the meantime, we can look back at the original version for more about this RPG. Our Dragon’s Crown review for PlayStation 3 and Vita is a great read:

First and foremost, Dragon’s Crown is a beautiful game. The art style is wonderful to look at and the screenshots don’t do it justice. You have to see this game in motion to get a full appreciation for how beautiful it really is. I never got tired of the characters, environments or effects that filled the game because they were all so pleasant to look at. This is also one of the only games that I have been excited for artwork to be the unlocks after completing side quests because each piece of art (all done by a variety of artists) is truly stunning. Dragon’s Crown doesn’t further the argument that games can be art, but rather proves that art can be games.

Dragon’s Crown Pro will release in Japan February 8, 2018 on PlayStation 4. There is no news for a localization yet.