Watch 20 Minutes of A Certain Magical Virtual-On Gameplay

A new batch of gameplay has been released for A Certain Magical Virtual-On. There are three matches shown in total (Grys-Vok vs. Apharmd S, Arpharmd C vs. Dordray, and Apharmd B and Specineff vs. Temjin and RlooN). The PlayStation 4 and Vita title will release February 15, 2018 in Japan.

Check out the latest A Certain Magical Virtual-On gameplay footage below (starts at 1:12:00):

Here’s some additional information on A Certain Magical Virtual-On:

A Certain Magical Virtual-On will also have brand-new gameplay features not seen in past Virtual-On games. One of the examples of the new features is Transition, where pressing the O button while dashing will make the mech move while kneeling, as seen in the above screenshot. In Transition mode, the player can still maintain a lock-on at their opponent while seamlessly switching between jumping, dashing, and attacking, thus making battles in overall more speedy with a faster tempo.

While past Virtual-On games solely relied on remaining hit points to determine the victor, A Certain Magical Virtual-On will also employ a new Point scoring system where points will be added each time a player manages to shoot down their opponent. Thus the victor will be now determined by not only remaining HP but also their total points.

However, A Certain Magical Virtual-On will also discourage passive plays, as a higher-scored player who keeps avoiding attacks while not delivering accurate shots themselves will trigger a Violation warning and have their points reduced as a penalty.

A Certain Magical Virtual-On release February 15 for PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan. No plans for the title have been announced in other territories.

[Source: Gematsu]