Grab Call of Duty: WWII’s Free Pathfinder Pack Before November 17

If you’ve picked up Call of Duty: WWII and have yet to give its multiplayer component a go, you might want to do that prior to November 17. Doing so will net you the Pathfinder Pack, which Sledgehammer is handing out to celebrate the game’s launch.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Exclusive helmet
  • Calling card
  • Bonus weapon XP
  • Bonus division XP
  • Three Supply Drops

Yesterday, players reported connectivity issues with the game’s servers as it launched worldwide. According to the latest updates from Activision’s support team, necessary fixes have already been applied and players should now be able to connect. Those who are still experiencing trouble are being redirected to the publisher’s website, which contains some generic troubleshooting tips.

In other Call of Duty: WWII news, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg expressed his confidence in the developers’ work, stating in a press release that they’ve introduced a “whole new way” to play multiplayer with the War Mode. “Our teams at Sledgehammer and Raven not only captured the epic scale and authentic atmosphere of the most brutal war ever fought, they also brought a hell of a lot of innovations – from a whole new way to play multiplayer with War Mode, to a new social space with Headquarters, to a jump-out-of-your-chair-scary Nazi Zombies mode,” he wrote.

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