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Compile Heart Talks About a New Neptunia Project and More

In the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation, an interview with Compile Heart reveals that they’re working on a new Neptunia title. While this may not be the most surprising news that the company is making a new title of its most popular series, they state this new project “will 1,000-percent exceed everyone’s imaginations”. Originally a magazine article, we have Ryokutya2089 to thank for posting the interview, and Gematsu for summarizing the information.

Compile Heart hasn’t stated much about the new Neptunia project other than it’ll defy all of our expectations, we are able to make a guess as to what system this new game will be on. The interview shows that the Compile Heart Neptunia title will very likely be on PlayStation 4, as the company is focusing mainly on the Sony system for development going forward. Of course, they aren’t ignoring other platforms (including mobile) but the main focus is the PS4.

The company isn’t only working on Neptunia, though! Compile Heart is working on a new, original IP title as well. Gematsu translates the information on the new game as “a new title with a different taste from the usual Compile Heart. It is a somewhat different RPG with sorrowful music and legacy-feeling visuals.” It’s hard to tell exactly what type of game this new IP will be, but it appears it’ll be more somber than the average game from the developers.

What are you hoping to see in the new Neptunia project and this new IP?

[Source: Gematsu, Ryokutya2089]