Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Update 1.08 Out Now, View Patch Notes

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy update 1.08 is now available to download on PlayStation 4. The multiplayer-focused update to Naughty Dog’s third-person shooter brings changes to its Survival mode. Several bug fixes and “game improvements” have been done. Sadly, the patch notes don’t detail the specific changes.

Check out the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy update 1.08 patch notes below:


  • Bug fixes
  • Game improvements

The last major update to the game was introduced alongside PlayStation 4 system update 5.00, which added in Team Tournaments. That patch also fixed several minor multiplayer bugs where certain sound effects were missing depending on the player’s language. It also fixed a bug “related to customizable character skins for Chloe and Nadine.”

For more on those substantial changes, you can read those Uncharted: The Lost Legacy update patch notes below:


  • Added support for Team Tournaments with PS4 System Software 5.00
  • Fixed a bug related to customizable character skins for Chloe and Nadine
  • Fixed a bug where Asav and the Warlord sound effects were missing in certain languages

For even more on the latest Uncharted adventure, read Paulmichael Contreras’ Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review. Here’s a snippet:

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a fun addition to the consistently solid Uncharted franchise. While this entry may be quite a bit shorter than the main numbered games, that doesn’t mean the key components that constitute an Uncharted game aren’t just as present. Indeed, you’ll rarely see a game with this high of production values for only $39.99. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a tight, action-packed adventure in India, and a trip well worth taking.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy update 1.08 is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4.

[Source: Sihmar]