Akira’s Fighting Game Gets Official Name, Will Have Open Beta Next Month

Over at the PlayStation Blog today, Akira Nishitani – the game director known as NIN – showed up to tease his upcoming “Mysterious Fighting Game,” and not only do we have the name of the game, but Akira also gave us information on the beta for the upcoming game.

According to Akira, the game is no longer called “The Mysterious Fighting Game,” and it’s official title is Fighting EX Layer. Nishitani explained that there were some problems during the naming process, but it seems like the studio has finally settled on Fighting EX Layer as the official name. While the name of the game will likely excite some fans, the next piece of news Akira dropped is surely to get everyone happy.

Nishitani announced that immediately following the end of PlayStation Experience on December 11, the studio behind the game will be hosting a beta test for for two weeks for the game. The beta will feature six playable characters: Kairi, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, and Shirase. According to Akira, the beta is a time for the studio to focus on testing the network match function around the world, so he encourages everyone to participate and give their feedback. There will also be a demo of the game available to those headed to the PlayStation Experience, so if you go make sure to get your hands on it!

Akira also went in depth on the Gougi system in the game, which allows players to choose from certain modifiers and power ups to customize their character. These can include things like increased movement speed, attack power, or other abilities that grant buffs. According to Nishitani, the thought process behind this was to hopefully change the flow of matches.

“For example, in most other fighting games, aside from times where you think, “I can win in one more combo,” “I can win if I chip him out,” and “I’m in the corner,” your battle strategy doesn’t really change that much, right? I wanted to change this on a system level and make a game where matches get crazier and more exciting as they go on.”

You can view more of Akira’s thoughts on the system and the upcoming game by heading over to the PlayStation Blog, but make sure to get ready for the Fighting EX Layer beta!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]