Sony Is Redesigning the Web PlayStation Store, Some Key Functions Removed

According to a recent post on PlayStation’s Support website, it looks like the web browser is getting a slight redesign in order to streamline some of the experience for users. Per the posting on the Support site, users can expect the updates to start in November, but that does mean a couple of key functions won’t be available until those updates are done.

What the update seems to be doing is essentially separating the online store. Instead of having all of the sections (Video and Gaming) together, the update aims to separate the two as well as implement some other features onto the site. Of course, this means that some functions, namely the ability to navigate to the Movies and TV Shows area of the website, are inaccessible until the redesign is complete. Users also won’t be able to redeem discount codes on the PlayStation Store’s website, and cannot access friends wishlists until the update is complete:

What’s the Impact?

The Movies area and TV Shows areas will be inaccessible.

You will not be able to redeem discount codes on the PlayStation™Store via the website.

Your Friend’s Wishlist will not be available.

During the update, Sony encourages users to purchase and watch movies and TV shows via their PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3, and also redeem any codes for discounts or movies via their systems as well. No word yet on when the update to the site is expected to be done, but with certain key features being removed it doesn’t seem like it will last too long. Make sure to stay tuned for any updates on when the redesign is complete.

[Source: PlayStation Support]