The Division’s Major Free Update Coming Early December

Announced in August, one of The Division‘s major free updates (1.8) is on course for an early December release, Ubisoft has announced. The studio says that the update is taking longer than usual to release because it’s content-rich and requires extensive testing/tuning.

In a post on its website, the development team also discussed the delay in Global Events as originally planned due to the third event being part of update 1.8:

We realize that we haven’t been able to run the Global Events on a monthly basis as we originally planned due to the third Global Event being a part of Update 1.8. We have also noticed that a common community request is to re-run the existing Global Events during the downtime. The reason this isn’t being done is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds to setup on our end. In addition, we also feel that due to currently only having two events in the game as well as because a portion of the community having already received all the rewards possible that this is not quite the time to do it. We would rather look to re-run the events in the future with modified rewards and when we have a larger amount of events to rotate.

You can find more details on update 1.8 in our previous coverage.

[Source: The Division]