The Playstation Black Friday UK Sale Kicked off Today With a Ton of Mugs

Black Friday is almost upon us, and the Official PlayStation UK Store is only a day away from revealing its batch of sales to PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, to sweeten the pot, they’ve also dropped the price on pretty much all of their mugs featured in their store, so if you’re in need of something new to drink out of, look no further.

By heading over to the PlayStation UK Store, you can get a look at the large amount of mugs available for sale. The mugs cover a ton of games, including God of War, Fallout 4, Overwatch, and plenty of others to make any fan happy. Consider this a warmup for what Sony has in store, as their official Black Friday sale kicks off tomorrow for PlayStation Plus subscribers and November 23 for everyone else.

For those still in the market for one, the PlayStation VR bundle that PlayStation UK revealed last week is still available and still pretty cheap.By heading over to the UK PlayStation website, players can pick up a PSVR Starter Pack for only £249.99. Sony is currently advertising two bundles featuring either Skyrim VR or Gran Turismo Sport. Both bundles otherwise come with the PSVR headset, a PlayStation Camera, and VR Worlds. The deal will run through November 27, and users can also pick up a special version of the Skyrim VR bundle that includes two Move controllers for £299.99.

For more updates on the upcoming sale, make sure to stay tuned tomorrow when it goes live for a look at what some of the best deals are.

[Source: PlayStation UK Store]