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Giving Thanks to the PSLS Staff

I hope everyone that’s celebrating Thanksgiving today is having a fantastic day (and that those that aren’t are at least taking a moment to reflect upon what’s important to them). While PlayStation LifeStyle is a gaming website, it’d be nothing without the people that make the site possible. After all, articles don’t write themselves, and the site is built upon the hard work & passion from several of the most diligent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

On this day of reflection, I wanted to take the time to thank all of my fantastic co-workers. Every single person on staff, from our Editor-in-Chief Cameron Teague to our incredible freelancers, work harder than most will ever know. At the end of the day, readers only see a fraction of the work that everyone puts in, and I know that everyone will continue to work towards making this a better gaming site than it was the day before.

So, thank you to Cameron Teague for being our backbone behind-the-scenes, and a great friend. Thank you to my fellow Senior Editor Chandler Wood, whose skills and mind for coverage continue to be an incredible asset for the site. I’m forever in debt to Zarmena Khan, our amazing Weekend News Writer that allows everyone else to get some rest, while also finding news to cover on the slowest of days. Every staff member’s writing has also improved thanks to the tireless editing work of Keri Honea, who is a total godsend.

My thanks also go out to our two main news writers, Elizabeth Henges and Anthony Nash, that dependably write up hundreds of stories each month. We’re also lucky enough to get great Japanese coverage from Kite Stenbuck and Heath Hindman, who do a great job covering a scene that is filled with its own quirks. It’s also a joy to work with all of our incredible reviewers and feature writers such as Paulmichael Contreras (how he manages to juggle everything in his life, I’ll never understand), Michael Briers (it’s always a joy to edit your work), Louis Edwards (a true veteran of the site!), Blake Grundman (an even better person than writer), Ahmed Mohammed (you’re always dependable), Cody Gravelle (our newest addition), and Ken Barnes (one of the few people that willingly put up with me). Plus, a thanks to all of the great freelancers who I’ve commissioned pieces from this year, as I look forward to working with them in 2018

Finally, I have to give thanks to our Founder and Director of Content & Operations Anthony Severino. Without his vision, drive, and belief in his writers, then none of of us would have this opportunity to be writing here. I’m forever thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given, and I know everyone else is as well.

I hope all of our great readers (which I’m also very thankful for) have a great Thanksgiving, and will spend it with their loved ones!