Kickstarter for Mega Man-Inspired Super Mighty Power Man Cancelled as Publishers Show Interest

Developer Box Hedge Games has cancelled its Kickstarter campaign for Mega Man-inspired action-platformer, Super Mighty Power Man, due to publisher interest.

In a post announcing the update, Box Hedge also revealed that it wasn’t able to generate a lot of interest in its crowdfunding campaign due to a lack of physical rewards and a late release date. However, the developer believes it made the right choice by not promising what it couldn’t realistically deliver.

No contract has been signed with a publisher yet, but Box Hedge is confident that the project will be funded and published “at some point.” “We are currently discussing with them [publishers] alternatives on how to secure the development and the release of Super Mighty Power Man,” the studio explained. The team further wrote:

We are assured, based on the overall interest and tons of positive feedback we got from the press, backers and players that if we had gone crazy by announcing loads of physical rewards and an early release date on all platforms at once, our campaign would have probably succeeded. Nevertheless, it would also have been totally unrealistic to publicize such claims especially coming from an indie studio as small as ours. Therefore, we took the decision to cancel the campaign

Super Mighty Power Man is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo platforms, and PC.

[Source: Kickstarter]