Two PlayStation VR Titles Race to Retail Today

Today, Perp Games announced that two new fast-paced, VR racing experiences are releasing today for the PlayStation VR just in time for the holidays. Radial-G and VR Karts are both out now and promise to give players access to “heart pounding” experiences.

Radial-G is billed as an “anti-gravity speed” experience and is a futuristic arcade racer that puts players in a tubular race track that has them twisting, jumping, and flying across inverted sections of the track as they fight for victory. The game launches at $39.99, and you can find some other features of the game below:

  • Explosive Weapons – When pure speed isn’t enough, pick up a homing rocket to get an edge over other players;
  • Anti-Gravity Tracks – Unique tubular tracks allow full 360-degree rotation, allowing players to spin around the course to find the ultimate racing line;
  • Online Multiplayer – Eight player online multiplayer in addition to single player career mode.

VR Karts aims to cover the other side of the racing spectrum, as it allows players a more fun, family-friendly experience. Players can customize their own kart and race against other players from around the world through various environments. Players can collect power-ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand as they race through the tracks. VR Karts will run players $29.99 and will include the following features:

  • Character Customization – As a fast-paced kart game, players need to identify opponents quickly. With the game’s customization options, gamers can locate targets easily;
  • Unique Control Mode – New unique PlayStation control mode utilizing the DualShock4 as a steering wheel;
  • Online Multiplayer – Racers can play with up to six players online and feel the rush of adrenaline as speed boosts and combat come into play;

Radial-G and VR Karts are both available now for the PlayStation VR.