Asia PlayStation Plus Free Games Include Knack and Ratchet & Clank

After months of players wishing for Knack to be free on PlayStation Plus, it finally is! Although, only for Asian players. The PS Plus free games for December 2017 were just announced for Asian territories, and they include two big platformers. Not only will players get Knack, but also Ratchet & Clank.

Check out the trailer below to see all of the titles:

December PS Plus Free Games include:

For more on everyone’s favorite PlayStation 4 platformer, check out our Knack review. Here’s what Chandler Wood had to say back when the PlayStation 4 launched!

The gadgets and relics that you get from these chests do add a level of replayability and trophy hunters will be tasked with upwards of three or four complete playthroughs to achieve a platinum trophy. If you don’t mind the repetition in combat and the overall feeling that this is a step back for platformer brawlers, then collecting all of these things will keep you quite busy for a while.

Knack is technically impressive with its utilization of extreme particle physics and bringing to life what could have easily been a Dreamworks animated film, but the gameplay does little to really satisfy. Players who seek a challenge may find enjoyment in tackling the tougher difficulties, but most won’t find enough satisfying game or story behind the technical demonstration to warrant classifying this as a great PS4 experience. If you simply can’t wait for more PS4 releases, Knack isn’t a terrible game, but it will be forgotten very quickly as more titles beyond the launch period are released.

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[Source: PlayStation Asia]