Crossing Souls is Launching for the PlayStation 4 in February

Developers Fourattic and Devolver Digital announced that the upcoming retro-themed adventure title Crossing Souls will be hitting the PlayStation 4 and PC early next year, when it launches on February 13, 2018.

For those unaware, the upcoming action-adventure game takes players back to the 80s and centers on the story of a group of friends who have the summer of their lives as they uncover a mysterious artifact that allows them to peer into another world of sorts. The kids are soon whisked away on an adventure that throws them into the dark world of secret government conspiracies and more.

The game will be playable this month at the PlayStation Experience 2017, and the development team will be on hand to walk attendees through a brand new demo and talk about the game with them. If you plan on heading over to PSX, make sure to check this one out; I had the opportunity to play the game last year and it was a delightful experience.

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Crossing Souls takes us all back to the good old days of 1986 in California and tells the incredible story of a group of friends who will have the summer of their lives after uncovering a mysterious artifact with powers they don’t fully understand, but will change their fate forever. These remarkable kids will defy the laws of nature to interact between two planes of reality: life and death. When their curiosity triggers a series of unexpected events, their adventure will lead them away from home and everything they know into dark, secret governmental conspiracies – including secrets involving a mysterious U.S. Army general with his own nefarious plans.

Crossing Souls is set to launch on February 13, 2018.