Bask in Nostalgia With This Classic PS2-Style Dynamic Theme for Your PS4

Truant Pixel has unveiled its PS2-inspired “Legacy Dashboard Dynamic Theme” for PS4, which has been created with input from Sony Interactive Entertainment US, SIE Japan, and Naughty Dog. Truant Pixel, which has been making themes for PlayStation consoles since 2008, has also offered a preview that you can check out above.

The following description accompanies the video:

After multiple prototypes over the last 2 years, each of which were designed to mimic functional aspects of the PS2 Dashboard, we have been given the opportunity to combine multiple disparate elements into a single piece of theme software which mimics the sights, sounds, and functionality of the Playstation 2 Dashboard.

Upon starting up, users are treated fully recreated ‘boot’ sequence.  PlayStation 2 logo cannot be used due to licensing restrictions, so we have taken an opportunity to create a mid-boot ‘Easter Egg,’ which changes randomly with every login.

From there, the “Seven Stars” make an appearance, coalescing from random points to recreate the mathematical and dynamic formations to accompany the passage of time, similarly recreated from the original PlayStation 2 bios in the form of the Crystal Clock.

Color shifting is now controlled via user input, with subtle shifts in particle speed and behavior.  Additionally, original audio has been taken from the PS2 hardware and recreated in the background ambience and custom keynotes for this theme.

Lastly, as is our standard, this theme has been designed for 1080p, 4k/UHD, and OLED displays.

The Legacy Dashboard theme will be available in EU and US ($2.99) on December 6.