Devs Announce Players Can Now Buy Previous Steep DLC With In-Game Credits

Earlier today, Ubisoft Annecy announced a brand new patch for Steep will be released today and made accessible across all platforms. The patch fixes a bunch of things, but most importantly, the developers also announced that it is now possible to purchase every single sport added in previous DLC packages with in-game Steep credits.

According to the developers in a community post on the games Steam page, it is now possible to buy the Sled, Rocket wingsuit, Speed Riding, and Base Jump additions to the game with in-game credits. Previously, those were regulated to strictly DLC, meaning players had to pay out real money to get them. No doubt this is likely in response to the wave of criticisms that microtransactions have been facing recently. Regardless, it’s good news for players who are still playing Steep and have enough credits to pick up some new stuff!

As for the patch itself, new controls have been implemented into the game, allowing players to rotate their characters using the left stick and left/right directions controlled by the right analog stick. More tricks have also been implemented into the game, and you can get a brief overlook of the patch below, with the rest being on the games Steam page:

Grind improvements
  • New controls
    • Rotation is now on Left Stick with directions left/right controlled by Right Stick while using a controller. With a keyboard the rotation is by default on W, A, S, D with directions left/right controlled by J/L.

Steep is now available.

[Source: Steep Steam page]