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Black Clover Project Knights Announced for PS4

December 5, 2017Written by Kite Stenbuck

Bandai Namco has just published a new teaser trailer announcing BC Project or Black Clover: Project Knights, a new game which is based on Black Clover, a fantasy shonen manga series written and drawn by Yuki Tabata currently ongoing at the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 2015 and also has a TV anime show that has just recently started airing from this October.

Black Clover takes place in a fantasy world where everyone is born with natural Magical Power, except for Asta, the white-haired protagonist who does not have any Magical Power and thus has to rely on his physical power instead. However, it is revealed later that Asta receives his own grimoire with a rare Anti-Magic ability to negate all magical effects.

Bandai Namco did not provide any more details in the press release other than this teaser trailer, which features the protagonist Asta and has the following text on it:

A world where magic is commonplace.

To prove their power, knights will stand up.

BC Project or Black Clover: Project Knights will be released worldwide in 2018. This teaser has been revealed simultaneously worldwide. But interestingly, while it has been announced in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia to be coming to PlayStation 4 and PC, the Japanese reveal indicates that it will be released only for PS4 in the home region.

More details about Black Clover: Project Knights will be unveiled on December 18 at 17:00 JST (08:00 GMT, 03:00 Eastern, 00:00 Pacific)

[Source: Bandai Namco]