Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour Coming to PlayStation VR, Check Out the Reveal

Sony kicked off the PlayStation Experience 2017 with a new reveal. A new PlayStation VR shooter is on the way. Sony announced that Firewall Zero Hour will release in 2018. It’ll support both DualShock 4 controllers and the PlayStation VR Aim controller. It’ll be exclusive to Sony’s virtual reality platform.

Check out the debut Firewall Zero Hour trailer below:

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While the campaign can be completed in about five hours, there’s a cooperative horde mode that you can play online, as well as challenge modes that task you with getting through each of the missions quickly and efficiently for point chasing. This replayability means that your Aim controller won’t just be used for a five hour story and then forgotten in a corner to collect dust. There are multiple reasons to come back to Farpoint’s desolate planet.

Farpoint is a long awaited title for PSVR, and one that does as many things right as it does wrong. It’s as revolutionary as it is dated, being a necessary forward step in the evolution of virtual reality, but ultimately a game that will be as forgotten as any console’s launch titles. The gunplay and story are both good experiences, but decidedly separate from one another. Farpointis best experienced with the Aim controller, ending up as a game that highlights the amazingly immersive capabilities of this new peripheral while never really making a strong mark for itself.

Firewall Zero Hour will release in 2018 for PlayStation VR.