Wipeout VR

WipEout VR Coming in 2018, Watch the Debut Trailer

WipEout VR is happening. Sony announced that they’ll be adding PlayStation VR support to the WipEout Omega Collection in 2018. It will be a free update.

Watch the PSX 2017 WipEout VR trailer:

For more on the WipEout Omega Collection, check out our review. Here’s what we had to say:

Online racing with up to seven other competitors is supported in a separate online mode, however we were unable to test this portion of the game out as of this review because the server population was incredibly low. Hopefully things open up once the game launches, and we can update our review with our findings. It appears to offer similar online options to what WipEout HD and Fury offered, which is fairly no-frills and should serve its purpose.

So, this particular collection of games is wonderful. However, if there’s one gripe I had, it’s this: many of us have already played all three of these games. While it’s nice to see WipEout HD, Fury, and 2048 running with such high graphical fidelity, the time has come for new WipEout content. Perhaps this is Sony’s way of gauging interest in an industry that is markedly different from when WipEout was at its most popular. Whatever the case, if you’ve memorized the tracks from before, then there are no surprises here, and other than one new ship, nothing new to see.

The WipEout Omega Collection is all the WipEout goodness a fan could want. You’ve basically got the most modern rendition of a PlayStation classic in UHD and HDR, at a blistering frame rate and with an accompanying booming soundtrack. Yet for those of us who played these three games to death, this collection will serve as a painful reminder that we haven’t seen new WipEout material on a home console in a long time. Regardless, given all the content on offer for a sub-$40 asking price, the WipEout Omega Collection is a no-brainer purchase for gamers of all kinds

WipEout Omega Collection is available now for PS4.