There Will be a Hokuto ga Gotoku Demo Coming Out in Japan

If you are wondering how a Fist of the North Star game in Yakuza-style looks like, you might be able to have a sneak peek of the game by yourself as there is a report that SEGA is planning to release a public demo of Hokuto ga Gotoku in the Japanese PSN Store.

Japanese Twitter user Renka, who manages a reliable video game release schedule wiki site, has posted what appears to be a schedule of promotions for Hokuto ga Gotoku on their account firsthand. According to this, SEGA plans to publish web advertisement videos from late December to mid-January, and add more intensive internet ads (such as banners) in February. Some gameplay footage is also planned to be published in mid-January.

SEGA also plans to hold demo events where their Japanese fans in Tokyo, Osaka, and possibly more cities can try out Hokuto ga Gotoku. However, there is a bigger point of interest as a plan to release a downloadable demo, which will be more widely accessible to anyone with a Japanese PSN account, is also listed for February 2018.

Finally, in order to gain attention from the more general Japanese audience, SEGA plans to air TV commercials in Japan between mid-February and early March 2018. SEGA hopes that Hokuto ga Gotoku can sell at least 400,000 copies after release.

Although the exact date for the PSN demo has not been clarified yet, we are assuming that it will be published before Hokuto ga Gotoku gets officially released in Japan on February 22, exclusively on PlayStation 4. As of this writing, no English localizations have been announced for this game yet.

[Source: Renka]