New Video for Extinction Teases the Use of Skill and Strategy

More information about the upcoming Extinction has been released today in a new featurette by Iron Galaxy. Narrated by Executive Producer Derek Neal, the video gives us a look at some of the useful skills players can equip to quickly eradicate the massive Ravenii threatening the kingdom of Dolorum.

As seen in the video (above), there are a number of upgrades obtainable throughout the game’s skill tree that will aid players tremendously. These skills give an advantage to players over the elite enemies they battle, including Rune Slowdown and Air Recovery abilities. One of the most important skills in the game, Rune Slowdown, allows Avil to essentially freeze time, which buys time to focus on other tasks. Air Recovery allows you to regain control when you fail or are knocked down.

There’s some other useful information in the video, so make sure to check out what to expect in the upcoming game. For more information on Extinction, check out below:

Choices matter in Extinction. It’s up to our hero, Avil, to use his powers to transport civilians to safety while also slaying his foes and completing other necessary objectives. Ground and air minions–known as Jackals and Vultures–each have to be dealt with in their own ways, but it’s the armored Ravenii that require extra-special attention. One wrong move could mean death for the townspeople or destruction for the cities.

Players will be able to cut down even the most well-armored opponent using these meaningful, skill-based combat tips. Learn more in the new trailer from Iron Galaxy, and look for the game in stores next year.

Extinction is currently slated for a 2018 release.