Uncharted Series Sales Have Passed 41 Million, According to Sony

December 15, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

uncharted series sales

Naughty Dog’s iconic adventure series Uncharted is probably one of the most well known video game franchises ever. Pretty much every gamer knows Nathan Drake and the adventures he goes on, and according to Sony, the sales behind the series are reflecting that as well.

During their 10th anniversary panel the 2017 PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog revealed that the Uncharted series had racked up a lifetime sales number of 41.7 million units since the launch of the series in 2007. Though they clarified that this also includes sales of the Nathan Drake-centric games as well as the recently released The Lost Legacy, this still an incredible number, and just goes to show how popular the Uncharted series has become. This also means that, given the series was around 28 million back in May 2016, the series has moved more than 13 million units in the past 18 months alone, which is another ridiculous feat in and of itself.

For more information on the latest entry in the Uncharted series, make sure to check out our review on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:

Once you complete the campaign, a few fun additions open up to you. Using unlock points earned by playing the game, you can toggle modifiers, which can do things such as modify voices, grant you unlimited ammunition, or change the way the game renders graphics entirely. A photo mode is also included, with all the typical filters and camera adjustments you would expect. However, it also includes the ability to set poses on characters’ faces, which can result in some hilarious shots.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a fun addition to the consistently solid Uncharted franchise. While this entry may be quite a bit shorter than the main numbered games, that doesn’t mean the key components that constitute an Uncharted game aren’t just as present. Indeed, you’ll rarely see a game with this high of production values for only $39.99. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a tight, action-packed adventure in India, and a trip well worth taking.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is available now.

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