Check Out Nearly 20 Minutes of New Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay

December 20, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

kingdom come deliverance gameplay

We’re only a couple of months away from the release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and developers Warhorse Studios have released a huge gameplay clip of the upcoming title, showcasing what players can experience as they explore the world, battle enemies, and just generally get the lay of the land.

Nearly 20 minutes is a long time for any preview video of a game, so fans excited for the game should have a lot of excitement over this one. Throughout the video, we’re treated to footage of a player walking through a forest as day turns to night, all while avoiding detection from enemies. We then get a quick tour through a small village before heading back out and finally joining up with a small group of soldiers and getting into a large group fight.

All in all, the trailer shows us exactly what we can expect when the game launches in February while also leaving out some likely surprises. For more information on Kingdom Come: Deliverance, make sure to check out our recent preview of the title:

It’s virtually impossible to showcase the immense level of possibility that fills Kingdom Come: Deliverance, particularly in an hour. My PSX demo was a mere fraction There will be well over 100 hours of gameplay with the slower and more methodical style required, and no two players will have the same experience. Forget dragon shouts. Forget magic. Forget dragons and bizarre creatures. History is a fantasy playground and proves to be just as entertaining as magic-filled worlds with fictional stories.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to launch on February 13, 2018.