Racing Game of the Year – Winner

The end of the year has rolled around, which means it’s time to sum up 2017 with the Game of the Year Awards. PlayStation LifeStyle is doing our year-end awards slightly different from previous years. We wanted to put more importance on the nomination for each award, so we limited each category to five games. That’s not many, especially in a year stacked with great titles. It took a lot of careful deliberation to come up with each list.

As far as racing games go, it was a great year in gaming. Not only did Gran Turismo make its grand return, but we saw new entries in DiRT and F1 as well. Plus, there were plenty of other releases from smaller studios.

Last week, we announced PlayStation LifeStyle’s nominees for the Best Racing Game of 2017. Here’s a reminder of what got nominated:

Best Racing Game of 2017 Winner

Project Cars 2 update

Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 is the complete package, and one part that really helps it cement itself as the best of the year is its great career mode. Throw in a top-level simulation, and you’ve got one of the most satisfying racing games ever made. Our review said, ” A solid focus in its career mode combine with tight community integration, which all mixes with a heaping helping of esports activities, giving fans and new racers alike plenty of reasons to buy Project CARS 2.”

The rest of our Game of the Year 2017 award winners will be announced during this week, leading up to the reveal of PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2017 on December 29. This year will go down as one of the greatest in gaming, so we’re very excited to unveil all of our picks!

Of course, we’d also love to hear what you think. Did your favorite racing game of 2017 match our pick, or would you have liked to see one of the other nominees take the award? Stay tuned to find out the rest of the winners this week!

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