The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tracks Collection is up for Pre-Order Now

December 27, 2017Written by Anthony Nash

final fantasy 30th anniversary tracks

Square Enix has announced today that the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tracks collection is up for pre-order now. The bundle, which collects tracks from various Final Fantasy titles from 1987-2017, comes packed on a Blu-ray music disc and also features special tracks and will allow fans to watch special videos along with the music.

The collection is up for pre-order now on Square Enix’s store for $69.99, though the collection is strictly a Japanese release, meaning anyone who pre-orders the tracks will be getting an imported copy with no English subtitles. Still, for collectors and huge Final Fantasy fans, this seems like an awesome gift regardless of language.

For more information on the upcoming blu-ray release, make sure to check out some of the features below:

■Carefully curated music tracks from all mainline FINAL FANTASY titles, from FINAL FANTASY I through FINAL FANTASY XV 

Over 100 songs created by various composers, including Nobuo Uematsu, the father of FINAL FANTASY music, all contained in a two-disc Blu-ray set.

■Enjoy with your eyes and ears! A new way to listen to music

Maximizing the capabilities of the Blu-day disc, the BDM (or Blu-ray Disc Music) media allows for the recording of both high quality, full-spec video and 96khz/24bit audio, providing a dramatic change to your listening environment.

※Some titles may not be in 96khz/24bit

■MP3 versions of the music tracks also included, to take the music on the go on your WALKMAN or on iTunes!

In addition to high fidelity audio playback on your home Blu-ray device, we have included a compressed .mp3 version of all of the audio tracks into the disc. You can extract them from your Blu-ray compatible device (including your PlayStation3 or PlayStation4, etc.) or any PCs with a Blu-ray disc drive, to take your music on the go to fit your lifestyle.

The Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tracks Blu-ray is set to release on January 24. You can pre-order the Blu-ray now, but it will be imported from Japan and will not contain English subtitles.