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Gal Gun 2’s First Print Bonus Costume is Very Revealing

Inti Creates has revealed that first print copies of the Japanese release of Gal*Gun 2 will be coming with a special bonus outfit, and it’s a bit of a doozy. The Torn School Swimsuit outfit is pretty much as advertised, and as expected it’s pretty revealing. It is probably not safe for work either, so you’ve been warned before you scroll down.

Here is the bonus Gal Gun 2 costume, courtesy of Gematsu:

gal gun 2 costume

If you want this rather beat up costume, you’ll have to grab a first print run of the Japanese Gal Gun 2, which releases on March 15.

While you’re mulling over whether you want this bonus costume or not, read up on how Gal Gun’s creator is disappointed with how people view the series as perverted:

“When we make these games, the game is made to evoke a sense of baka – it’s a stupid, silly game,” Inti Creates (the developer of Gal*Gun) CEO, Aizu Takuya, said. “That was the main purpose. Yes there were naughty or ecchi parts to it, but that’s not the focus. That is a small part of the overall lighthearted silliness to the game.

“It’s disappointing that some people only see it as a game that is perverted, when that’s not even a significant element at all.”

“We wanted to have a fun shooting game,” Aizu said. “A lot of shooting games have zombies or other things that you need to shoot. So we thought ‘wouldn’t it be funny to replace zombies with cute girls?’ That’s pretty funny and silly. It’s ridiculous, right?

Gal Gun 2 releases on March 15 in Japan. The title has been confirmed for a Western release, but there’s not currently a release date.

[Source: Gematsu]