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For Honor Director Praises Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for Its Complex Characters

Earlier today, we discussed how Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn was a standout character to a ton of gaming creators this year. While this is true, there’s still a ton of games to choose from when it comes to praising. The director of For Honor, Damien Kieken, was one of the many game creators asked to talk about not only his standout characters but his favorite gaming moments of the year.

According to Kieken, both winners come from the same game: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Speaking over at the PlayStation Blog, Kieken revealed that his favorite gaming moment was simply the relationship between Chloe and Nadine in The Lost Legacy, and it all stemmed from one moment. “My favorite moment is in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – mini-spoiler alert – when Nadine pushes Chloe into the water just after you’ve climbed the wall for a good minute. You have to redo all the climbing, but the trade-off is amazing, the characters and their relationship became even more real.” he said. “I loved that moment – it’s the kind of detail that really makes you believe in the whole thing, even at the cost of player progression. Hats off, Naughty Dog.”

Kieken went on to explain that Chloe was his standout character of the year due to how nuanced she seems to be. “The more you play, the more you understand the different nuances that define her; rough on the outside but way more complex on the inside.” Clearly, Damien is a fan of the dynamic between the two characters, and it’s not too surprising considering how many loved The Lost Legacy.

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