Need for Speed Payback Online Free Roam Coming in Future Update

Electronic Arts announced that Need for Speed Payback will be getting one of its most fan-requested features in 2018. The publisher said that online free roam will come to the game in a future update. Details are currently sparse on the new feature, but it’s great to see the game continuing to be supported into the new year.

Check out the official Need for Speed Payback online free roam announcement below:

For more on Electronic Arts’ latest racing game, check out our Need for Speed Payback review. Here’s what I had to say about the open-world arcade title:

Part of this grind comes down to car customization, which is split into performance and vanity spectrums. The latter means that it’s fully possible to equip your vehicles with hilarious car horns, colored smoke, and other items. Sadly, there’s some poor user interface when it comes to customization as navigating the cars in your in-game garage is a total hassle, and shops only refresh their items every half-hour, which means a lot of waiting around when you just want to purchase a better exhaust. These design choices don’t result in a better player experience, and merely get in the way of enjoying the gameplay.

Need for Speed Payback feels like the natural evolution of the series, and that’s a good thing considering the game ends with a great tease for a potential sequel. While I finished the story in around 15 hours, it’s worth noting that there are a ton of side events and collectibles that I failed to collect in that time. I could see myself easily doubling my time within Payback, and do so with a smile on my face the entire time.

Need for Speed Payback is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Twitter]