Arcade Archives: The King of Fighters ’98 is Coming to PS4

Another classic game is set to join the ranks of the Arcade Archives, a series of classic games available to players on the PlayStation 4. This time, The King of Fighters ’98 will be punching and kicking it’s way to consoles, as a recent leak has revealed the trophies for the game. There has been no word yet as to when the game is coming, but with the trophies for the game officially out there, fans can rest easy knowing that it is coming at the very least.

For those who might not know, The King of Fighters ’98 was a fighting game that released for the Neo Geo arcade and home console. The fifth entry in The King of Fighters series, it was later ported over to the Neo-Geo CD and PlayStation, as well as the Dreamcast. No word yet on what, if any, features will be made especially for the Arcade Archive version of the game, but in the past, titles for the mode were able to be set to look like the “classic” version of the game complete with older graphics.

For the full trophy listing, make sure to check out below:


  • HI SCORE Player

    The score has been posted to the online rankings in the “HI SCORE MODE”
  • Score 150,000 points

    The score has won 150,000 points


  • Record score

    The score has been posted to the online rankings
  • Mark high score

    High score has been updated
  • Score 100,000 points

    The score has won 100,000 points


  • Score 50,000 points

    The score has won 50,000 points

More information about the Arcade Archives version of The King of Fighters ’98 will likely be released soon, so make sure to stay tuned for any updates.

[Source: PSN Profiles]