Explore the Vanishing of a Space Crew in The Station, Launching for PS4 Next Month

Vancouver-based development studio The Station has revealed today that their first-person sci-fi mystery, coincidentally named The Station, will launch for the PlayStation 4 next month on February 20, 2018. The game, which is set in a distant future, will have players tasked with observing a race of intelligent aliens that have been discovered on a faraway planet.

After learning that the natives of an alien planet are stuck in a perpetual war, the small research crew of Espial Space Station suddenly goes dark, with communication cutting off. From there, players will be dispatched to investigate the mysterious loss of contact with the team and, upon arrival, will have to figure out what happened to the missing crew.

For more information on the upcoming The Station, check out below:

The Station is a first-person exploration game set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization. Assuming the role of a recon specialist, players must unravel a mystery which will decide the fate of two civilizations. 

How would you react if we discovered a sentient alien civilization, challenging everything we know about biology, chemistry, physics, religion and answering the questions man has asked throughout history? But what if this sentient alien civilization was discovered in a state of civil war? Determining that the rewards outweigh the risks, an undetectable space station with a small three-person crew deploys to research the alien culture in search of a means towards a peaceful relationship. Unable to contact the crew, a recon specialist to sent to uncover what happened. What players discover will challenge their view of surveillance, imperialism and moral law.

The Station is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2018.