ao tennis gameplay

Watch Over Three Minutes of AO Tennis Gameplay

Big Ant Studios are releasing their Australian Open-branded tennis title AO Tennis in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As such, they’ve released a good chunk of gameplay of the sports title. If you like what you see, you’ll be glad to know that a worldwide release will be coming shortly after, and they’re aiming for a March release.

Check out over three minutes of AO Tennis gameplay below:

Big Ant provides more information about the reveal:

“The game will set a new standard for the sport of tennis, combining the heritage and history of the Australian Open with Big Ant’s celebrated photogrammetry perfectly capturing the stars, and real-world statistical data to deepen the AI of each athlete,” the developer today said in a press release.

“With previous tennis games, the world #1 would be challenging to beat, because his or her in-game attributes would be set to merely make fewer errors. That worked well at the time, but we’ve taken things to the next level,” Big Ant CEO, Ross Symons, said. “In AO Tennis Rafael Nadal is the hardest player to beat because in game he plays like his real life counterpart; he plays a game style befitting the #1 player in the world.”

“Every day we are constantly looking for ways to enable our fans to engage more deeply and more often in the Australian Open, and having the opportunity to play AO Tennis fully immerses them in this incredible event,” Tennis Australia CEO and Australian Open Tournament Director, Craig Tiley, said.

AO Tennis releases January 16 in Australia and New Zealand, with a worldwide release to follow in March.