InnerSpace Out Today on PS4, Watch the Launch Trailer

PolyKnight Games’ exploration flying game InnerSpace releases today. The game sees players exploring a universe filled with planets that are inside-out. It received high marks in our review, and now players can learn more by checking out its latest trailer .

Check out the InnerSpace launch trailer to see the game in action:

For even more on the game, check out our InnerSpace review. Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Blake Grundman had to say about it:

Before wrapping up, I’d be remiss if I didn’t show some love to the game’s soundtrack. It does a fantastic job of augmenting the moment-to-moment gameplay. The closer a ship gets to an artifact or key environmental obstacle, the more the music creeps into the foreground. Each stage is in its own musical key that helps define the overall tone and continuously adds layers of complexity as it nears completion. The score isn’t bombastic enough to stand on its own, but as they say, “sometimes less is more.”

In case you couldn’t tell, InnerSpace is a game that you should be playing. The well-realized worlds, exceptional aesthetic and compelling exploration mechanics complement each other tremendously well. If you can get past the occasional bout of unnecessary complex exposition, the evolution of each environment tells a compelling enough story to keep you enthralled from start to finish. Drop everything and check out what deserves to be one of the sleeper hits of 2018.

InnerSpace is available now for PlayStation 4.