David Jaffe Talks About the Future of Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal has a very passionate fanbase, and they just won’t stop asking creator David Jaffe about the future of the franchise. That’s why he put up an almost 10-minute video talking about the series. While the video didn’t have any word on any potential revivals as Jaffe said he didn’t know anything about any attempts, he did have a lot of interesting ideas to share.

While Jaffe isn’t at Sony anymore, he did give some ideas on how he could see the series returning in the future. “The only way I could see Twisted Metal working today is if they pretty much said look you can spend 5-6 million dollars, it’s primarily an online-based service game where you sell it for $20, and if it does well you can continually add things to it,” said Jaffe. “People have mentioned Rocket League, [although] I think it’s a substantially more mainstream game than Twisted Metal ever was, but I don’t think that service-based mindset couldn’t work. That’s the only way I could see it making sense if I was someone at Sony making decisions.”

Jaffe also talked about how difficult it was to please Twisted Metal fans. “I think [the fanbase] is so fractured. It was so interesting to see the response of Twisted Metal PS3 since there were older fans that couldn’t stand it, and others were saying it was some of the best multiplayer games they’ve ever experienced. Then there were others that said they hated it due to the story. There’s a lot of different fractions of the fanbase that [like different parts].”

Would you like to see another Twisted Metal game? If so, what do you think about Jaffe’s comments? Let us know in the comments below.