ea sports ufc 3 trophy list

EA Sports UFC 3 Trophy List is a Love Letter to the Bad PPV Names of Yesteryear

While newer fans of mixed-martial arts may not know this, UFC events used to have amazingly tacky subtitles to them. That’s why the EA Sports UFC 3 trophy list is so fun, as Electronic Arts used names of old pay-per-views to name their trophies. Sadly, my two favorite bad UFC PPV names didn’t make the cut. For reference, they are UFC 76: Knockout (because there were zero knockouts during the entire card), and UFC 125: Resolution (the title fight ended in a draw and thus there was no resolution).

With those mixed-martial arts fun facts out of the way, check out the EA Sports UFC 3 trophy list below:


  • UFC 67: All or Nothing

    Unlock all other trophies in EA SPORTS™UFC®3.


  • UFC 44: Undisputed

    Become the Greatest Of All Time during your Career.
  • UFC 109: Relentless

    Earn your green belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 150)
  • UFC 99: The Comeback

    Survive at least two health events before winning the fight. (only unlockable in online multiplayer)
  • UFC 82: Pride of a Champion

    Sign a Superstar Contract on Legendary difficulty during your Career.


  • UFC 2: No Way Out

    Win against a CPU controlled fighter who is set to maximum damage, with your own set to default.
  • UFC 45: Revolution

    Earn your orange belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 100)
  • UFC 39: The Warriors Return

    Complete all Sets in a single UFC Ultimate Team Program.
  • UFC 87: Seek and Destroy

    Complete all Challenges in a UFC Ultimate Team Solo Challenge Group.
  • UFC 64: Unstoppable

    Complete all your daily objectives in UFC Ultimate Team in one day.
  • UFC 56: Full Force

    Win in the first round of an online multiplayer match.
  • UFC 74: Respect

    Win a performance of the night bonus during your Career.
  • UFC 65: Bad Intentions

    Pass all Skill Challenges on any difficulty.
  • UFC 13: The Ultimate Force

    Sign a Legend Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 101: Declaration

    Trigger a health event on the opponent within 10 seconds of your taunt. (only unlockable in online multiplayer)
  • UFC 22: Only One Can be Champion

    Sign a Superstar Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 46: Supernatural

    Sway to avoid at least 6 strikes in 20 seconds. (only unlockable in online multiplayer)


  • UFC 73: Stacked

    Acquire your first Gold tier UFC Ultimate Team Item.
  • UFC 10: The Tournament

    Win four fights with the same fighter in a 16-fighter Grand Prix tournament.
  • UFC 80: Rapid Fire

    Land a four-hit combination. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 35: Throwdown

    Finish the fight with a submission. (online multiplayer only)
  • UFC 68: The Uprising

    Earn your yellow belt in UFC Ultimate Team. (level 50)
  • UFC 3: The American Dream

    Sign a Rookie Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 31: Locked and Loaded

    Every slot on one of your UFC Ultimate Team fighters has been filled.
  • UFC 61: Bitter Rivals

    Defeat a rival during your Career.
  • UFC 11: The Proving Ground

    Sign a Prospect Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 88: Breakthrough

    Sign a Contender Contract during your Career.
  • UFC 54: Boiling Point

    Get very high hype for any fight during your Career.
  • UFC 34: High Voltage

    Start trending on social media during your Career.
  • UFC 47: It’s On!

    Respond to a social media message during your Career.
  • UFC 1: The Beginning

    Complete the UFC 3 Introduction.
  • UFC 12: Judgement Day

    Win on the main card of a Pay-Per-View during your Career.
  • UFC 78: Validation

    Successfully defend your title during your Career.

EA Sports UFC 3 is set to launch on February 2, 2018.