Learn What Went Into Making the Skies of The Last of Us

The GDC YouTube account just put up an interesting GDC talk from 2014. It deals with one of Sony’s most beloved games, The Last of Us. In the talk, Naughty Dog’s Keith Guerrette talks about the game’s skies, and how they used something many gamers take for granted to create dramatic moments. It’s an interesting talk that every fan of the game should watch.

Check out the GDC 2014 The Last of Us talk below:

For even more on the 2013 release, check out our The Last of Us review. Here’s what Anthony Severino had to say at the time:

13 hours and 17 minutes later, the credits rolled and I was left stunned by conflicting emotions, especially by the ending. The Last of Us will have different meanings for different people, but I honestly can’t say I’ve ever been personally moved like this before. Not by a “game”. Multiplayer is damn good too, really highlighting that survival focus and feel. You can read all about it in a multiplayer preview I wrote. But for the sake of this review, I want to focus on how The Last of Us makes me feel, because that’s where its true achievement in design lies.

The Last of Us highlights the human traits in us all: our instincts, our emotions, and the things we do to get by. Recently, I’ve felt troubled. Video games have been my passion for over 25 years. It’s what I do, day in and day out. It’s my escape, but it’s also my job. I haven’t felt that special “it” feeling in a while, but I get by. This industry has grown stagnant, and I’ve been seeking an elevated experience that made me feel, not just play a game. The Last of Us is exactly what I needed. It’s a hallmark of excellence in writing, design, and performance. Naughty Dog and Sony not only have a system seller on their hands, but a game that’ll define an entire console generation—a true classic that’ll be talked about and fondly regarded for years to come.

The Last of Us is available now on PlayStation 3 and 4. A sequel, titled The Last of Us: Part II, is currently in development.