Recent MOTHERGUNSHIP Developer Update Talks New Ship

As fans eagerly await the release of MOTHERGUNSHIP, the folks over at Grip Digital have recently taken to updating fans with a brand new developer blog post detailing the Foundry Class Ship, a behemoth of a ship that houses some insidious secrets that Aliens might be building.

According to the developers, the Foundry Ships are filled with scorching heat, various sharp, metal traps for adventurers to succumb to, and bubbling metal at every turn. In the blog post, Grip Digital describes the ships as containing rooms that are bigger than anything the players will have seen before, including winding catwalks that have maze-like navigation. While the game is still under development and subject to change, the variety of environments that Grip seem to be creating can only excite fans. Make sure to check out the full blog post for more information.

In case you need a refresher on MOTHERGUNSHIP, make sure to check out our preview of the title from PSX 2017 :

During my demo, I was able to craft a doubled-up shotgun in my left hand, and a rocket AND buzzsaw launcher in my right hand. The trade off for larger guns is usually that they fire more slowly, since each component costs a certain amount of energy to have equipped. There isn’t a hard limit to how complex a gun can be, but the wait time between shots may become too long for some to handle. Then again, that’s what the second gun is for! It’s fun and even easy to craft weapons, so this will be a highlight of the game.

MOTHERGUNSHIP feels like a game that will resonate well with any first-person shooter fan. While the shooting mechanics may remind many people of Quake or even Unreal Tournament, the crafting options are a very modern element, one that rewards experimentation. The improvements made this time around feel like a natural progression of the ideas first shown in Tower of Guns. With any luck, we’ll be blasting thousands of enemy robots (and even those poor, defenseless Hugbots) with ridiculous monstrosities as weapons, when the game launches in 2018.

MOTHERGUNSHIP is scheduled to launch sometime in 2018.

[Source: Indie DB]