Over 42 Million Console Players Played FIFA in 2017

During EA’s third quarter fiscal 2018 earnings call it was revealed that the FIFA player count is over 42 million on just consoles. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that FIFA 18 saw a 10% growth year-over-year, and that FIFA‘s Ultimate Team mode saw a growth of 12%. The football behemoth certainly hasn’t lost any steam.

FIFA continues to thrive as one of the world’s leading entertainment properties,” stated EA CEO Andrew Wilson. “On console alone, our FIFA franchise had nearly 42 million players during the calendar year, and our FIFA 18 unique player base grew 10% year-over-year from launch through Q3. FIFA Mobile added another 26 million players in the quarter to its total player base – more than any quarter in the last 12 months – and millions more joined our FIFA experiences in Korea and China this year. Ultimate Team is more popular than ever across our EA SPORTS titles, and in FIFA Ultimate Team we had 12% more players year-over-year from launch through Q3.”

For even more on the massively popular football title, check out our FIFA 18 review. Here’s what I had to say when the game released last year:

It’s not just a bulk of content that makes FIFA 18 great, as it also nails a bunch of small things that add up to a greater experience. For example, the top-notch commentary helps underscore the importance of the on-field action, and everything from the core gameplay to the presentation is shining with polish. So much thought has gone into every aspect, and it really shows while playing.

FIFA 18 is an incredible football game that has something to offer every gamer. There’s a very human and relatable story to be found in Alex Hunter’s latest chapter, and those who just want polished gameplay will find just that in its many different modes. In addition, anyone who is a fan of the beautiful game will want to check out this year’s installment.

FIFA 18 is available now.