VR Roguelike The Persistence Launching in July for PlayStation VR

January 31, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

the persistence psvr release date

Today over at the PlayStation Blog, Firesprite has announced that their VR roguelike title The Persistence will be releasing on PlayStation VR later this year, on July 24. Players will jump into the roles of a Security Officer aboard a colony ship that suffers a malfunction, and players will have to protect themselves against mutated copies of your ex-shipmates.

Much like any roguelike, the folks behind The Persistence expect you to die a lot. With that in mind, each time a player dies in the game, they will be revived as a clone of Security Officer Zimri Eder, and with each passing life comes the chance to re-sequence her DNA to create more powerful clones in the future.

While dying is almost expected of you, The Persistence will still require some stealth in order to complete. Leaning and peeking around corners in VR will help you stay aware of dangers and allow you to learn enemy behaviors and come up with new strategies for how to defeat them.

For more on the upcoming VR title, make sure to check out below (via PlayStation Blog):

The Persistence is a roguelike, and chances are you are going to die a lot. You play as Security Officer Zimri Eder. Well, sort of. With each new life, you play as a fresh clone with her Engrams (her memories and personality) restored. With each new life comes the opportunity to re-sequence her DNA to create more powerful clones in the future.

The game is set aboard The Persistence, a colony ship that suffers a malfunction during a jump, landing it in the inexorable pull of a black hole, wreaking havoc on the ship and corrupting the Clone Printer, which is now creating mutated copies of your ex-shipmates.

The Persistence will release on July 24, 2018, for PlayStation VR.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]