Mafia III The Complete Edition Rated, Coming to Consoles and PC

According to a rating on the PEGI website, 2K is gearing up to release Mafia III The Complete Edition. Details are currently scarce as its unannounced, but the safe bet would seem to be a new release that includes both the base game and all of its DLC content. Mafia III did receive substantial DLC support post-release, and had a full season pass worth of content. The season pass included three main DLC packs: Sign of the Times, Faster, Baby!, and Stones Unturned.

For even more on the open-world action game, check out our Mafia III review. Here’s what reviewer Paulmichael Contreras had to say about it when it released:

Mafia III is a conflicted game. It has a wonderful setting, and an engrossing story. Characters are portrayed as complex people, with flaws and baggage all of their own. There’s a believable conflict going on, and the game has a unique way of telling it – through investigative flashbacks. There’s some sort of almost documentary-like video being filmed, and key characters speak their minds about what they think about Lincoln and others. The writing is great, with an especially emotive, even moving, performance from Barry O’Rourke as Thomas Burke.

While Mafia III is not a game-changing entry, it is a genuine attempt to tell an entertaining story. It’s too bad that technical and graphical issues get in the way of progress on occasion, and a few gameplay mechanics cause the game to quickly boil down to the same handful of mission types, which means to get to the next chapter of the main story takes some monotony. Still, for fans of America’s deep South, the 1960’s, or good storytelling, Mafia III is worth your time and money.

Mafia III The Complete Edition is expected to release in 2018.