New Code Vein Characters Revealed Alongside Multiplayer Details

After getting more multiplayer information from Code Vein yesterday, Bandai Namco has released information on two more characters that will be coming to the game. The characters, Karen and Cruz, are both people who have seen some terrible things by the time players meet them in the game, and judging by the desertions for both of them, it seems like they will be helping the player out throughout their journey.

Karen – the older sister of Louis, who passed away but was revived as a Revenant – is tasked with taking care of and supporting Revenants in battle. Cruz, on the other hand, has had a life filled with horrible experiments performed on him in an effort to save mankind. Under the pressure from the many failed experiments, she becomes extremely destructive within the world of Code Vein. For an in-depth look at the characters, make sure to check out the gallery below.

In case you missed the news from yesterday, players will be able to seek out help from friends in multiplayer dungeons:

Similarly to how the Souls games seem to operate, Code Vein will allow players to clear out dungeons with other players as well as their own NPC partner (via Gematsu). By sending out a distress signal, players can search for other players who have met certain conditions, and they can come to your rescue should you need help.

The rescue players appear alone but will be able to journey with you and your NPC partner as you traverse the various dungeons. Players will be able to do create single emotions that combine gestures, stamps, and voices to help them communicate with teammates. You’ll be able to save emotions for later use, and use them quickly to get a message across.

Code Vein will release later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.