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Now Loading: What Would You Do Next for Metal Gear?

Few gaming series are as prestigious as Metal Gear, and currently Konami’s signature brand is in a bit of a transitional phase. It’s a post-Kojima world for the series, and only time will tell if it’ll keep its luster. That said, Metal Gear Rising showed that other developers can handle the series, and Metal Gear Survive is set to show another side this week.

That’s why the question we posed in this week’s Now Loading was “Metal Gear Survive releases this week, and is the first game in the series to be released since Kojima exited Konami. If you had control of the series, what would your next move be?”

Check out the gallery below to find out what the staff thought of this week’s question:

Now that you’ve seen our answers, we’d love to see hear your thoughts on the matter at hand. Feel free to chime in below with your answer to this week’s question. We can’t wait to hear about what you’d want to see from the next Metal Gear game!

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Now Loading is a weekly recurring feature where the PlayStation LifeStyle staff discusses anything video game-related ranging from hot topics to more whimsical subjects. Past editions can be found here.

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