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Tomb Raider Actress Alicia Vikander Discusses Lara Croft’s Origin in Upcoming Movie

Tomb Raider actress Alicia Vikander has said that she’s happy that the upcoming movie focuses on Lara Croft’s origin as viewers will get to see her first steps towards becoming an action hero. In essence, the movie will be an introduction to Lara’s world.

Speaking to Game Informer, Vikander said:

You want to see a new perspective and I love that it was an origin story, that this is much more of a girl set in a reality maybe even closer to our world. I was 20 when I came to London with my roommates. I enjoyed that she was a very physical being and showed ways that were plausible that she became the kind of survivor that she turns out to be in the film. I love that we got to see the sort of steps of her becoming the action hero we know her to be. If you have a character that you love, if you get the chance to see them grow up in a coming-of-age story, then you get so many more levels and perspectives of the character that you love.

Echoing the same thoughts to GameSpot, Vikander said that Lara Croft fans will be able to connect better with the character when they see her beginnings. “If you have the origin story, then that’s a way for us to get to know our character, to feel for them, to relate to them on a more human level,” she explained.

When asked if she’s played any of the games before, Vikander said that although she didn’t own a PlayStation, she played Tomb Raider at a friend’s house. She later played the Anniversary edition in her teens.

Tomb Raider will release on March 16.

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