The Everybody’s Golf and Final Fantasy Collaboration DLC is Available Now

The 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy continues today, as the collaboration between Everybody’s Golf and Final Fantasy is in full swing. Players with the golf title can now jump into the game and find some new DLC that’s themed around the iconic Final Fantasy franchise.

The first collaboration, which allows players to ride around the golf court on a Chocobo, is out now, and Sony has released the following information on how the DLC will work and how to install it:

Ride Around the Course on a Chocobo

  • How to Get: Buy it from the PlayStation Store, install the latest patch, start the game, and from the Options Menu, select Customize > Triangle Quick Button > Cart, then select the “Chocobo Type” cart. You can ride the chocobo by pressing the Triangle button.

Everyone loves the chocobos from Final Fantasy. For this promotion, Square Enix designer Toshiyuki Itahana, who also worked on the campaign art, specially designed a chocobo for Everybody’s Golf. Of course, you can use your chocobo like a cart to race around the courses, but you can also jump, glide from tall places, and even swim! It’ll be a great companion to have on the rounds.

The second collaboration, the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collaboration Cup, is a tournament that will run from February 26-March 12, allowing players to compete online for new outerwear, a cap, and some other items, including:

In Everybody’s Golf, global tournaments are an online-only mode where all participants compete for the best score. For a limited time, these tournaments will be turned into the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Cup. If you participate in the preliminaries, you can get an FF 30th Anniversary Cactuar Outer and a FF 30th Anniversary Cactuar Cap with cactuars on them!

What’s more, high scorers in the preliminaries will progress to the finals. Participants in the finals can receive an FF 30th Anniversary Moogle Costume which again is designed by Toshiyuki Itahana and will allow players to look just like a moogle.

The third and final collaboration is a free golf cart for all players, which can be accessed at any time and used to transport players around the golf course as they travel between holes. For more information on that, check out below:

How to Get It

After installing the latest patch, start the application.

From the OPTIONS menu, select Customize, Quick Button, and Cart.

Then, select “FF30th Anniversary”.

You can now ride the FF 30th Anniversary cart by pressing the Triangle button.

*Players must reach a certain point in the main game’s Challenge Mode before they can unlock carts.

Everybody’s Golf is now available.