Read the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Kingdom Come: Deliverance update 1.04 is now available to download. While it doesn’t touch on many of the bugs impacting the game, it does fix a few issues. For example, the non-responsive right trigger issue has been fixed alongside two quests. Future updates are still in development.

Check out the Kingdom Come: Deliverance update 1.04 patch notes below:

  • Fix for R2 button non-responsive in combat
  • Fix for issues in quest with Hans Capon
  • Fix for Quest ginger in a pickle.

For even more on the role-playing game, check out our Kingdom Come: Deliverance review. Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Chandler Wood had to say:

I was also enamored by the codex, which is essentially a history book. While any other game with a lore codex might teach you about alien races and far-off planets, Kingdom Come’s teaches history. It’s a great way to marry historical accuracy with an interactive experience, and while it’s not required, curious players can gain a lot of knowledge about actual people, places, and things in 15th century Bohemia. Most of the knowledge isn’t required to play the game, but it all provides a context that enriches and rewards the experience, should you decide to dive into the learning side of Kingdom Come.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an incredibly deep and intricate game that looks beautiful, but it has a fair amount of stumbling points in its quest for realism. The sheer scope and ambition comes with a number of silly bugs that are far from realistic, and some quests can be impacted. It’s a hard game where taking risks (and stupid mistakes) can mean a lot of wasted time. The slow burn can be agonizing when you are 15 hours in and barely feel like you’ve made progress, but suddenly simple and intimate victories are made rewarding. Succeeding in sweet-talking one person, intimidating another, or finding a clever and tricky way to complete an objective often feels more rewarding than becoming a powerhouse and solving every problem with a sword. As much as the game frustrates, it frustrates by design and intention. For every situation where I felt that Kingdom Comewas wasting my time, I always wanted to come back to see how I could subvert and overcome the systems for just another small victory.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance update 1.04 is available now.